Commercial Fencing

Security Fences for Commercial Properties in New Haven, Farfield & Bridgeport, CT

Your commercial property is a crucial part of your business. When you close up at night, you need the peace of mind that your facility is still being protected. A commercial fence from Reliable Fence CT can give you the protection and security you need while also increasing your property value.

When you work with us you can count on a constant commitment to providing quality workmanship and exceptional customer service. Our team can have your commercial fence installed quickly and keep your business well protected.

Are you interested in the extra security and peace of mind that a commercial fence can bring? Contact us today to schedule your estimate!

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Why businesses choose us for their commercial fencing needs:


We work with both small and large businesses, 


We’ve been serving Connecticut  since 1967!


Free, no-obligation, timely estimates.


Licensed, bonded & insured,


We install, repair and maintain commercial fences for businesses of all sizes.

Reliable Fence CT offers a variety of commercial fencing options to suit projects of all sites. Whether the goal is to secure facilities, divide spaces, create enclosures or fence a court or sports field, we have the proper, long lasting materials.  Our experienced, well-trained technicians will complete a first-class installation of your fence project.

We can also provide periodic follow-up maintenance and repairs as necessary. We’re ready to earn your business for all your commercial & industrial fencing needs, and remain at your service in the long run!

For over 55 years we’ve been serving businesses of every size in New Haven, Fairfield, Bridgepot and many other towns in Connecticut. Check out or service area. 

Interested in having a commercial fence installed for your property? Need an old fence repaired?  Schedule your estimate today!

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