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Reliable Fence CT is the company you can trust in Guilford. We have been serving Connecticut for over 55 years.

We offer a variety of fence, arbors, pergolas and gates, for both residential and commercial properties.

Wether you want to secure your property, protect your pets, enhance your landscape or build a backyard retreat you can be proud of, our, our certified, trained technicians will design, build and install the perfect solutuion for your project. 

We also noffere periodic maintenance, replacement and repair services, 

Our Reviews Around the Web

Completed Jobs from Guilford

  • Diane P. from Guilford
    October 03, 2023
    Dave met with Diane and explained to her that there were some challenges because the ground around the boat house is all granite. He devised a plan to install a simple cedar picket fence and if the area we needed to set a post was granite, we would drill and pin the post into rock. Installation took 3-4 days due to the difficulty but Diane was very happy with the end results.
  • East River Energy from Guilford
    August 30, 2020
    Joe had met with them to discuss the options, the fence needed to be 6’ tall and the customer had wanted to add barbed wire to the top. Joe explained that in Guilford barbed wire is not legal, so he proposed installing the barbed wire holders at the top of the posts to give it the appearance of barbed wire without breaking the town's rules. Fences was installed in 2 days and they haven’t had any break in issues since.
  • Dunkin Guilford from Guilford
    December 29, 2023
    We had partnered up with a roofing company to make sure the fence was solid, it was visually pleasing and didn’t make the roof leak!
  • Connex Guilford from Guilford
    September 27, 2023
    Speed was the protest managers biggest concern because it’s the front walkway of the bank. We were able to match, build and install the railings within about a week. They were very happy with the installation.